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Best time to visit Aden

Its tropical location means that the months of May to August are extremely hot and sunny in Aden, with temperatures hovering around 40°C. The months between August to October see torrential rainfall, often resulting in flooded roads and foggy weather. However, the period right after this is a great time to travel since the weather is cooler and the days remain dry. From March until May too, Aden sees cool days with light showers, making this period ideal for holidays. However, if you want some great flight deals, book between the off-season months of May to October. Though the days are hot, the city is less crowded and you might get some fantastic deals on hotels too. And after all, what better way to get a glowing tan than to soak in that sultry Aden summer sun?

Why visit Aden?

Aden has a lot to offer visitors whether they want to relax or explore. This historic port city of Yemen is resplendent with lagoons, beaches and mountains, and boasts of a rich heritage too. If you are interested in history, don't miss the Aden tanks dating back to 1st Century A.D. Carved out of mountain rocks and with majestic arches and channels, these cisterns are a stunning example of ancient architecture. The Sira Castle is another interesting tourist attraction. As a port city, Aden was extremely prosperous in its time, and this fort with its cannons and towers, served to protect it from invaders. Though not much is known about this thousand year old castle, it exudes an aura of mystery and strength. Go there in the evening to enjoy the stunning view of the sun setting into the expansive ocean. If your primary aim is to relax, head to the Elephant Bay beaches and soak up the sun. With shacks and restaurants, this local Aden beach welcomes tourists with open arms. A short trip to the Socotra Island proves interesting too. The island features several rare, exotic plant and animal species, which often makes it seem bizarre and other-worldly! Of course, the buzzing markets of Aden and its lip-smacking delicacies like shawarmas, Zurbian (lamb dish) and Saiydia (fish steak) make this a fabulous city to enjoy a holiday in.

Getting around Aden

While taxis and private cars are always viable options of getting around, Aden has good public transport facilities too. Shared taxis run along fixed routes and gives you the option of splitting the meter fare with others. Buses and mini buses are even cheaper, and connects most parts of the city. All these facilities let you enjoy Aden in a simple, convenient way.

Getting from Aden Airport to the city

Aden International Airport (ADE) is around 1.8 mile (3 km) from the city centre, and the journey takes 5-10 minutes by car. Hiring a taxi is a cheap and convenient option, especially if you are travelling in a big group or have too much luggage. However, be sure to bargain before you get in. Pre-ordering a rental car is practical if you are unfamiliar with the Aden roads.

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