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When is the best time to fly to Balikpapan?

The local weather has always been one of the strongest qualities of Balikpapan, thanks to a steady climate of enjoyable temperatures without wet or dry seasons. Throughout the year, temperatures never veer toward hot or cold, and the average temperature of the city is between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Visitors from colder climates enjoy visiting during November, December, January and February, as the warm weather of Balikpapan makes for a perfect escape from harsh, cold temperatures. On the flip side, tourists from extremely warm regions love to visit the city in May, June and July to escape the burning heat of their hometowns.

The months of March, April, September and October are perfect for visitors looking for plenty of activities and events to enjoy during their stay. All the activities and fun of Balikpapan is on the peak in March, April, September and October, as the months are ideal for everyone.

City overview

The Indonesian city of Balikpapan is known for many of its natural features, including its beaches, forests, water sports and wildlife. A calm and small city with a leisurely pace, Balikpapan is a place where visitors can slow down during their stay. With two harbors, the seaport town serves as the home base for many oil companies’ headquarters. Visitors can take advantage of the harbors by cruising while in Balikpapan.

One of the most unusual attractions in the city is its crocodile farm, where tourists can watch hundreds of crocodiles run through the park. Near the farm, the beach of Pantai Manggar beckons with its beautiful shores – and visitors can easily visit both the crocodile farm and beach in a single day. Other noteworthy beaches in Balikpapan include Benua Patra and Lamaru, where a day at the beach always includes feasting on fresh coconut and grilled corn. Kite flying is another popular pastime on the beaches, as is fishing and diving.

Throughout the city, visitors will quickly notice that football is a beloved activity in Balikpapan. Pick-up games are ubiquitous throughout town, and even those who prefer not to play can enjoy watching a match.

Getting around Balikpapan

The local minibus system offers the best way to get around Balikpapan, though it is a somewhat unstructured system. The various colours of the buses indicates the route served, but travellers should note that buses sometimes veer from their routes at a passenger’s insistence. Taxis are also available but are a more expensive means of getting around the city.

Getting from the Airport to the City

Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Airport (BPN) is on the coast near the city, about 6 miles (9.6 km) away. The easiest way to get between the airport and Balikpapan is by taxi, and several companies operate taxi services at the airport. Balikpapan is divided into two zones, and there are fixed fares for taxi service into either zone. Small local buses also run between Balikpapan and the airport.

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