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Due to its location on the Mexican border, Brownsville is blessed with a climate that stays warm throughout the year. Temperatures peak in August, with average highs of around 35C, but even then there is little difference between the heat of summer and the typical highs of  22C in December and January. Accordingly, Brownsville attracts visitors throughout the year, with many coming to seek a bit of warmth when other areas of the country are buried under snow. Cheap flights can be found in the off season of October to April, but due to the city’s relative lack of popularity with tourists, prices tend to be less expensive than in the more popular areas of the state.

For those seeking a winter getaway, the city hosts a number of interesting off-season events. The first big date is Charro Days at the end of February, a colourful celebration that showcases all the flamboyance of Tex-Mex as the city celebrates its bi-national heritage. Music is also a big deal in Brownsville, and every October the theatres and streets of the city come alive with the sounds of the Brownsville Jazz Festival.

Brownsville overview 

As far as getting a rootin’ tootin’ Wild West experience, few places in the world are as perfect as Brownsville, Texas. Located at the very tip of the Lone Star State, Brownsville has a rich tapestry of frontier history just waiting to be discovered. The city was the site of the Battle of Palo-Alto and the Siege of Fort Texas during the Mexican-American war, before being a favourite smuggling point for Confederate forces during the American Civil War, as well as the site of the conflict’s last battle.

Today, Brownsville is one of the fastest growing urban areas in the United States, and as a result, the city also has a lot to offer visitors. The city centre is blessed by scores of restaurants and bars, all catering to a wide variety of tastes, before coming to life after dark through its healthy population of nightclubs. For those seeking a quieter experience, Brownsville is home to several museums, many of which are dedicated to detailing the city’s energetic past. Additionally, Brownsville is famous for its art and is full of well-established galleries that represent not only creations of the region, but traveling exhibits from around the world

Golfing is also a major attraction in Brownsville, with three courses open to those seeking that all-important hole in one. While you’re out and about, be sure to pay a visit to the Old Federal Courthouse, Sabal Palm Audubon Center and the Galleria, before cooling off with a visit to Boca Chica Beach. Alternatively, Brownsville is also the gateway to the popular tourist destination of South Padre Island, with its wealth of modern resorts offering sunny escapes throughout the year.

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Brownsville is served by a good public transport network that covers the length and breadth of the city.

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Rio Gulf Coast Express connects the Brownsville/ South Padre Island Airport (BRO) to the centre of Brownsville. Rental cars are also available, as are private hire taxis.

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