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Finding cheap plane tickets isn’t rocket science. It just takes some flexibility and a little research. When you need to get away but don’t want to spend a bundle, consider these tips and watch the savings stack up. When you’re done, put these money-saving travel hacks to good use and give our flight search a try. They don’t call us Cheapflights for nothing 🙂

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Compare your options

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Sounds obvious, right? But different airline ticket providers – from the big online agencies to local travel providers – simply don’t have access to all the same airlines, flights, availability and pricing. So no single airline, consolidator, or agency will always have the lowest airfare or always have the best selection of airline tickets. You have to weigh your options. And that’s where can help. Cheapflights lets you compare flights from a variety of providers so you can find the best deal out there right now.

Be flexible 

Why namaste home when you could travel?
Why namaste home when you could travel?

It’s all about supply and demand. Some departure times are more popular – and more expensive – than others. While cheap plane tickets are available at peak times, you generally have to book far in advance. If you’re looking to score a cheap flight and have some flexibility, you’re in luck. Here are four ways being flexible can pay off in a big way:

Choose your dates wisely

Everyone wants to depart at 7 p.m. on Friday night, which means that those flights tend to become quite pricey rather quickly. The same goes for Saturday morning, or any other time when it’s the most convenient for the majority of travellers. If you can make it work for your schedule, try flying on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday rather than on the weekend. Overnight flights are another great way to save. Not only are they often cheaper, but you won’t need to pay for accommodation the night you’re in the air. Select a window seat, bring a neck pillow and (try to) get your Zzzs at 30,000 feet.

Consider alternative airports

When comparing options, consider other airports in your area. While one airport may be your go-to because of convenience, you’ll never know how much you could save if you flew out of (or into) another airport nearby. (But also be sure to consider all associated travel costs, including transportation to and from the airport.)

Fly on holidays

Travelling over a holiday? If you can, consider swapping your pre-holiday flight for a flight on the actual holiday. Not only will you likely save money, but you’ll skip a percentage of the crowds who have the same travel plan as you.

Pick a deal, not a destination

Looking to get away? Don’t settle on one destination until you see what’s out there. Looking for a beach vacay? Don’t limit yourself to Bali. If you know the type of trip you want to take (be it a beach holiday, a long weekend in a big city, a ski trip or an outdoors adventure), there may be destinations with all that you’re looking for on offer for much less than the destination you originally had in mind. Do some research, compare your options and you’ll likely walk away with a trip booked that checks all your boxes AND leaves money in your pocket.

Get social

Second best thing to this.
Second best thing to this.

Social media is a great tool for staying up to date on fare sales and travel deals, as well as finding useful tips and travel inspo. Follow travel providers like Cheapflights on Facebook and Twitter for the latest travel information and money-saving tips. Social media is also one of the first places travel providers share flash sales and last-minute flight deals, which can provide unmatched savings. Be socially savvy and make sure you don’t miss them when they pop up.

Pick the perks that matter to you 

Carry-on goals.
Only pack the essentials.

Finding the absolute lowest airfare can be rewarding, but there are other factors to consider, like value – the overall mix of price, quality and convenience. Before you shop, it makes sense to decide what’s most important to you. You might be getting a really cheap plane ticket, but do you want to stop and change planes several times? Some airlines are more comfortable and provide more in-flight amenities than others, while budget carriers strip away the perks so they can charge less per seat.

Low-cost carriers (and the comparable basic economy fares offered by many of the bigger airlines) typically offer bare-bones fares with a low price tag but no perks. While that may not be for everyone, if you can travel light, this could mean an extremely cheap flight. That said, read the fine print prior to booking to see what’s included in the ticket price.

Quick and dirty tips

  • Be flexible – alternative airports and flexible departure dates and times can save you money.
  • Book early – generally, the earlier you book, the more you can save on plane tickets.
  • Discount airlines – if you don’t mind less perks, these cheap flights offer tons of savings.
  • Do your research – compare prices to make sure you’re getting the best deal available.

It’s not hard to find cheap plane tickets when you’re well informed and well connected. Ready to give it a try? Start your search at

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