Southeast Asian Instagrammers to inspire your next trip

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Instagram is now very much part of our everyday lives. Not only does the platform let us share images on the fly, but it’s also a go-to hub for travellers looking for inspiration, travel tips or an armchair getaway. Apart from Cheapflights‘s own account, there are so many Instagrammers sharing their adventures through breathtaking photos that will make you want to see the world. Here are eight must-follow Southeast Asian Instagram accounts to inspire your wanderlust (as if you needed help with that!).

Kimi Juan

A photo posted by KIMI JUAN (@kimijuan) on

Although Filipino photographer Kimi Juan’s Instragram account features a diverse range of travel photos — from mountain views to colonial architecture — we are particularly enamored by her photos of serene beaches in the Philippines and beyond, which dominate her breathtaking feed. Juan also travels with her (Instagram) husband, photographer Thomas Caja, who not only shares her love for travel and photography, but also her knack for curating a wanderlust-worthy Insta-feed. Follow @kimijuan

Woody Chai

A photo posted by @woody_chai on

Another Southeast Asian Instagrammer sure to inspire your next trip is Woody Chai, especially if you’re interested in travelling to Thailand. Based in Bangkok, Chai works as a freelance photographer, who has an impeccable eye for capturing cityscapes, architecture and local life, mostly in Thailand and other parts of Asia. His photos are so good, you’ll want to hop on the next plane to BKK. Follow @woody_chai

Cabrini Asteriska

Aside from sharing her life as a recording artist and performer, Indonesian singer-songwriter Cabrini Asteriska peppers her well-curated Instragram feed with inspiring images from her most recent travels. Describing herself as an “explorer,” the 28-year-old Jakarta native’s wayfaring ways have brought her to destinations such as India, Iceland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkey and, of course, different parts of her homeland. Follow @asteriska_

Alvin Ng

A photo posted by Alvin Ng (@alvinnzh) on

Hailing from Singapore, Alvin Ng is a freelance photographer, who has been known to capture the most captivating images of landscapes, cityscapes, historical sites and local life. Ng recently explored Bhutan, and has the Instagram photos to prove it. Follow @alvinnzh

Carlos Nizam

Kuala Lumpur-based Carlos Nizam works as a wedding photographer, a profession that’s taken him to some of the most amazing destination wedding locations in Southeast Asia, such as Koh Samui and Krabi in Thailand. But apart from his job, Nizam dedicates his Instagram account to another subject he loves to photograph — his own travel adventures. Three of his favourite subjects? The beauty of mountains, water and city skylines. Follow @carlosnizam

Jelito De Leon

A photo posted by Jelito de Leon (@jelitodeleon) on

Another Filipino photographer you’ll want to follow on Instagram is Jelito De Leon. Aside from stunning shots of his travels to some of Southeast Asia’s most exotic destinations, followers can also gain a few travel tips from De Leon on where to go, what to eat and even how to pack (we absolutely love the flat lays of his travel essentials). He shares with Cheapflights his secret to taking amazing photos: “The time of the day you’re shooting is very important. Usually, when I travel with my friends, we make sure to wake up early to catch the sunrise. The light during sunrise is gorgeous”. Follow @jelitodeleon

Melissa Hie (a.k.a. GirlEatWorld)

If you love eating as much as travelling then this Southeast Asian Instagram account is for you. Originally from Indonesia, Singapore-based Melissa Hie is the woman behind the popular Instagram handle (and blog) GirlEatWorld, which features photos of her hand holding local food over iconic tourist destinations. Our personal favourites include a Turkish Delight with the Al-Khazneh in Petra, a Tim Tam with Australia’s Sydney Opera House and a Hello Kitty donut with Tokyo‘s Shibuya Crossing in the background. Follow @girleatworld

Iz Mady

A photo posted by Iz Mady (@iz.mady) on

Iz Mady is one-half of FunkyDali, a Malaysia-based photography collective, which has worked for various projects and publications, including the Malaysian editions of “Prestige” and “Baccarat” magazines. Known for his modest and low-key demeanor, this talented Perlis-born shutterbug lets his handsomely-curated Instagram account composed of his outstanding travel snaps speak for themselves. Follow @iz_mady

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