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When is the best time to fly to Fuzhou?

Fuzhou enjoys a sub-tropical climate which means it is mild all year round but with regular periods of heavy rainfall. Between the months of October and January, rainfall in Fuzhou is at its lowest but temperatures remain warm enough to make outdoor sightseeing a pleasure. Visiting the city during these months also allows you to fully appreciate the natural beauty of south China and makes it easy to visit all the top scenic spots, especially those located on the outskirts of the city. The weather in Fuzhou is significantly warmer between June and August but this is also typhoon season with extended periods of heavy rain. Between February and June the weather is generally mild but rainstorms are frequent, so it's a good idea to pack waterproofs. With most visitors to Fuzhou arriving during the drier months, expect prices for both hotels and flights to be higher at this time. It is worth noting that a major trade fair takes place in Fuzhou in mid-May. This time is best avoided as hotel beds and restaurant tables will be in extremely short supply.

Fuzhou overview

With a stunning backdrop of majestic mountain ranges, glorious sea views and ancient history in abundance, the city of Fuzhou is a deeply rewarding place to visit. Located on the Min River close to the sea, Fuzhou has a seafaring tradition that dates back to ancient times and is celebrated in a number of museums. A particular highlight of any visit to Fuzhou is the area known as Three Lanes and Seven Alleys. This 40-hectare heritage site is composed of more than 250 intricately decorated residential buildings that have existed for more than one thousand years. In the northern suburbs of the city, nature lovers can delight in the wonders of the Fuzhou National Forest Park, a huge botanical garden featuring exotic plants and rare animals, all in a stunning natural setting complete with waterfalls and lakes. Admission to the park is free. Visiting the many mountains that surround Fuzhou, including Gushan and Qingyun, provides fabulous views of the area and an even greater insight into the local culture and history

Getting around Fuzhou

Buses are very frequent and are an extremely cost-effective way to get around, thanks to a low flat fare. Routes run to virtually every part of Fuzhou but all the services stop at 10pm so you'll need to find alternative means of transport if you plan to stay out late. Taxis are another great option for travel around Fuzhou as they have very reasonable set rates based on the total distance travelled.

Getting from the Airport to the City

Upon arrival at Fuzhou Changle International Airport (FOC) there are shuttle buses available that travel direct to the centre of the city, stopping at either the Apollo Hotel, the South railway station or the North railway station. The journey time for all destinations in central Fuzhou is around an hour. Services begin in the early hours of the morning but usually end early evening with no buses running throughout the night. Taxis are also available for hire from directly outside the airport terminal but you'll get a much better deal if you are able to call ahead and arrange your ride in advance.

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