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Buenos Aires overview

The most European city in South America - Buenos Aires - has been enjoying a revival in the last few years with the rise of hip new neighbourhoods and the inception of trendy hotels and restaurants. Luring visitors straight off their Buenos Aires flights with its grand avenues and magnificent architecture, the city rivals any other cosmopolitan city with its charm and sophistication.

The best way to really explore the city is on foot. Stroll through the cobbled streets and stop by Plaza de Mayo the most important spot in the city. It was here in 1810 where the May Revolution began and where the beloved Evita greeted the crowds from the balcony of the famous Casa Rosada.

Porteños (Buenos Aires residents) are passionate by nature, especially when it comes to their football and tango. La Bombonera stadium is where all the boisterous games take place and is home to Boca Juniors, the team that launched Diego Maradona’s career. To experience authentic tango head to San Telmo and walk in to one of its many Milongas (tango halls) that line the streets. Lessons are offered by professional Milongueros, or wait for a quick nod from another dancer – that’s the unspoken invitation for the next dance.

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Buenos Aires climate

The seasons in Argentina are the reverse of those in the Northern Hemisphere. Summers are humid and can be oppressively hot with January and February temperatures in the 30s (Celsius) and higher. Winters are mild and rainy, and June and July temperatures rarely going below freezing. Spring and autumn are in the 20s.

When to fly to Buenos Aires

Peak season:

January is when many tourists take flights to Buenos Aires and many locals flock to the beach. Hotels must be booked in advance, but many restaurants and shops are closed or have limited hours.

The Chinese Lunar New Year is generally celebrated the first Sunday in February. Fiesta de las Murgas, the Buenos Aires version of Mardi Gras, is celebrated every weekend in February. In early March the International Tango Festival is in town, and the World Tango Festival arrives in October.

The Feria del Libro (Book Festival) is one of the world’s largest book festivals and runs from the end of April into May.

The world's biggest polo event, the Argentine Open Polo Championships, is held in late November and early December.

Off season:

December weather is not yet too hot and this can be a pleasant time to visit.

Winter is chilly and wet, but June through August have fewer visitors.

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Getting around Buenos Aires

The oldest subway in South America, the subte, is a quick, cheap and efficient way to get around Buenos Aires. The buses can take you anywhere, but it may not be worth the effort to figure out the routes. Buenos Aires is great to walk around - lovely streets, plazas and parks. You can also grab a radio taxi, which is safer than street taxis. You can identify them by the plastic light boxes on their roofs. Make sure you know your destination’s address and cross street, as some drivers don’t know the city very well. You don’t need a car to get around the city, but if you drive, make sure you find out the rules of the road.

Buenos Aires insider information

  • Wander through one of Buenos Aires’ most important sites: the resting place of Eva Peron at the Recoleta Cemetery. The minute you walk into the grand gates of the cemetery you’ll realise that it’s not like any other you’ve ever visited. Stroll through the passageways where Argentina’s elite are buried, and explore the most ornate tombs you’ll ever see in your life; there’s even one that’s a mini replica of the Sagrada Familia.
  • The heart and soul of tango is Buenos Aires, and whether you stop into a café or a professional dance hall, tango lessons are widely available. But if you’d rather just sit back and watch then head to one of the milongas and experience an authentic tango in motion.
  • If you’re after a little something different to take home with you then you’re in the right place. Weekend markets are a favourite among visitors and the Feria de Mataderos in the Mataderos barrio is the most exceptional one. Another great place to visit is the Librería Alberto Casares where you can spend endless hours rummaging through the bookstore’s impressive collection of antique books and old maps.
  • One of the things you’ll notice is the Argentines’ obsession with football. If there is a game going on while you’re there, book a seat in the platea section and watch the amusing fans sing, jump, and sometimes even fight.

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