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A trip to Bolivia is like travelling back in time – back to a time when the Incas ruled and indigenous languages were spoken. Although the Incas have long since gone and after them came the Spaniards, the mark they have left on the country is far from extinct. Today visitors coming off flights to Bolivia are in for a trip that will change their lives.

Geographically Bolivia is landlocked right in the middle of South America, sharing borders with Brazil, Paraguay, Peru and Chile. But despite being deprived of a beach-front like most of its neighbours, Bolivia’s breathtaking varied landscape and moderate climate more than makes up for it. The peaks of the Andes and lush rainforests seem to surround the country, providing active travellers with plenty of outdoor pursuits to keep them busy.

Bolivia climate

Bolivia has a high altitude and varied climate. The highlands are cold, the valleys are temperate and the lowlands stay warm. Winter lasts from June to September, and the rainy season from December to March.

When is the best time to fly to Bolivia?

Peak Season:

April through October is peak season for flights to Bolivia. It is the winter, however the weather is dry and generally sunny. It is the best time to visit for trekking.

Off season:

November through March. Trekking is not possible during this time, however, most other travel to the country is still good. Weather varies depending on destination, especially with varied altitude.

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How long is the flight to Bolivia?

The duration of flights from Changi Airport, Singapore, to cities in Bolivia varies. The flight time from Changi Airport to El Alto International Airport, La Paz, ranges approximately between 41h and 43h 22min; this depends on the number of stops the flights to Bolivia take and the stopover time. There are also flights from Changi Airport, Singapore, to Viru Viru International Airport, Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The flight time between these two places is generally between 33h and 49h 12min. A flight duration that is lengthy and includes multiple stops usually provides cheap flights to Bolivia.

Where can you get direct flights to Bolivia from?

There are no direct flights to Bolivia from Singapore. If you want to connect to the capital city of Bolivia, La Paz, from Changi Airport, Singapore, there will be at least three stops in between. Depending on the airlines that service the flights, the airports where stopovers can be are Abu Dhabi, Madrid, Lima, Frankfurt or Santa Cruz de la Sierra, among others. The other major airport in Bolivia, Viru Viru International Airport, also does not have direct flights from Singapore; there is a minimum of two stops between these two places. The airlines that service these flights are Singapore Airlines, Etihad Airlines, Copa Airlines and Swiss Airlines. Turkish Airlines and Etihad Airways are some of the airlines that provide Bolivia flight deals with minimum stops.

What is the best way to travel around Bolivia?

Bolivia is a country that has many places to visit, and if you are hopping between major cities, airlines are a good way to travel. Air travel is inexpensive and can reach far-off destinations in a quick time. But if you are planning to travel around the cities, such as La Paz, then hiring a car is the way to travel. The roads here can be intimidating and hence you should consider getting a car with a driver as it is still an economical option. If you want to travel to the Valley of the Moon, a popular tourist spot, from the city centre, it takes less than 10min. Buses are also another option to travel around, like the semicama.

What are some things to do in Bolivia?

Bolivia is a country in South America that has varied terrains, like deserts, rainforests and mountains. The city of La Paz is one place where there are many spots to visit. The Moon Valley, Plaza San Francisco, Basilica de San Francisco, Plaza Murillo and Mirador Kili Kili are some of the places to see. The Salar de Uyuni is another place that you should visit, it is a large salt plain. Visitors can also visit the Isla de Luna and the Isla del Sol, which are both scenic icons. Cerro Rico Mountain is another well-visited tourist spot. When in Bolivia, do also try their local street food.

Do I need a passport or visa to fly to Bolivia?

Singaporeans need a visa to visit Bolivia. However, this visa can be obtained on arrival at any of the Bolivian airports. The important documents to carry while flying is a passport with at least six months validity and a round trip ticket to Singapore.

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